Dearest Clients,

               We are on the web only to do the business but to give the idea what I am manufacturing in my country ( Sialkot ) Pakistan .We have selected items and production line . We are manufacturing since 1980 the following products and serving many of my clients abroad .

  1. All Sort of  Sports Gloves. (on my site)
  2. Soccer balls , Rugby balls ,(etc check it out on my site.)
  3. Sports Wears , with best quality and attractive designs & colors. (See my site)
  4. T-Shirts the best and the wonderful in white with  high quality cotton ( see what's New )

  5. Weight lifting belts & accessories

  6. Jackets that's glow in the dark how wonder ( check it out)

Check our product page maybe we have something very special for you. If you have any type of inquiry just mail us. We are here to serve and offer  you the best quality and competitive prices compared with the  local market .


Yours sincerely,
Qasier Pervez ( Chief Executive)

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